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The broken nuts can be used to infuse older Madeira wines to enhance their taste. The acrid , inflammable oil in the shell needs to be burned off before the nut can be eaten since, if the nut is smashed through the fingers or teeth the caustic oil can burn the lips and exasperate the skin when it comes in contact with it. It is said that milky juice from the tree itself, which is obtained through incisions or tapping, creates a black ink marking for linen, which cannot be cleaned out. The nuts are consumed extensively by the inhabitants of Brazil.

Organic Cashews

The cashew-nut Anacarditim occidentale, although likely imported by South America has established itself in a variety of areas of the peninsula, particularly on the beaches that are sandy. It is a low , branching straggling tree that has a large leaves and pink flowers. The fruit is shaped like a pear. red peduncle, which is swollen and at the top are kidney-shaped fruits. The peduncle is extremely juicy and slightly sweet, with astringent taste. It's a pretty poor fruit overall The best method to use this fruit is squeeze it into a glass and add sugar to drink it. The nut is edible raw or boiled, but it requires to remove the skin that is black to be removed first. The fruit that is found in the Straits tends to be smalland quite inferior in comparison to Cashew that is found in South America.

Hand-processing that is that is used to discover the perfect flavor of these uncooked organic cashews is a work of similar quality that is almost gone from the world. Traditional producers can only make 2 kilograms (4.4 kilograms) of kernels that are raw every day. However, the distinct flavor of the traditional cashews and those that are processed is easily discernible.

Organic Nuts